Keeping up with Christmas compliance

We all know the holidays are hectic. From landlords with multiple properties to manage, to agents dealing with festive-shaped holes appearing as staff take time off, Christmas is a time when everyone’s trying to get twice as much done in half the time.

And when it comes to compliance, it’s hard to keep track of changes at the best of times, let alone when you’ve got presents to buy, a turkey to baste and a hangover the size of your mum’s pile of brussel sprouts.

So this year, why not let Letflo take care of you and your compliance issues? That way, the only thing you have to keep up with this Christmas is your family. For those who need a little extra persuading, here are our five top reasons why Letflo is the best present you’ll get this Christmas:

24/7 – the service that never sleeps

Because Letflo doesn’t take time off for Christmas it stays on top of all the changes being made to Section 21 and all other relevant legislation, no matter what day it is, allowing users to take time off or even close their office over Christmas, safe if the knowledge that one member of the team is still at work.

Where you left off is exactly where you start

Our automated system allows its users to pick up a task exactly where it was left off without having to waste time trying to decipher a colleague’s handover notes or sift through someone else’s diary. Over Christmas, when almost every member of staff will be out of the office at some point, Letflo is your perfect holiday cover.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Letflo will supply a fully branded Tenant Information Pack to tenants, showing landlords, tenants (and the Courts!) that you’ve ticked all the boxes. Through its integrated system, every piece of correspondence is collated, date and time-stamped and delivered to the relevant parties electronically, ensuring that your compliance matters don’t get caught up in the Christmas post.

The ultimate protection

Because every interaction you have is recorded, Letflo provides its clients with an audit trail, providing the ultimate protection in case of any issue that might arise. By being able to instantly call up any document referenced in a dispute and know that it’s date and time stamped, Letflo users know that their word really is their bond.

The gift of time

There’s nothing more precious than time, especially over the festive period. By allowing Letflo to take care of any client concerns, its users will find they’ve got more time to increase their efficiencies elsewhere or take some much-needed time out, safe in the knowledge that the only ball being dropped this year is the one in Times Square.

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