Best practice & compliance

David Cox, ARLA on Letflo
16th August 2016

The changes to Section 21 brought about in the Deregulation Act 2015 are a minefield for compliance. The most minor error at the start of the tenancy can put landlords and agents in great difficulty should possession proceedings become necessary.

Any system which assists agents in navigating this complex web of regulation will benefit landlords, tenants and agents alike.



Katrine Sporle on Letflo
6th September 2016

The Section 21 changes have a number of variables which must be considered if an agent, acting on behalf of a landlord, is to correctly serve an enforceable Section 21 notice to end a tenancy. We are already seeing a number of disputes surrounding this issue, most of which are based on a lack of awareness of the new process. I, therefore, welcome any system which will help to educate agents and assist in ensuring their actions remain transparent and compliant.


Paul Shamplina on Letflo
16th August 2016

We are starting to see more defences that are filed by tenants relating to retaliatory eviction now that the Deregulation Act has kicked in.  The biggest problem that we see at Landlord Action is incomplete paperwork prior to tenancy, rendering a landlord unable to serve a Section 21 notice in the future.

A system that helps a letting agent or landlord to comply with this new legislation—and saves them time—is very much welcomed.


Tessa Shepperson
13th December 2016

A very useful service for all letting agents.  I am impressed!