5 surprising ways you can boost productivity

As Britain’s productivity levels dip to record lows (we are currently the least productive nation in the G7) and stressed workers feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, everybody’s looking for a way to maximise their time. But when it comes to getting more out of your team and more out of your day, surprisingly small things can make a big difference. Here are five quick tweaks to boost productivity, and morale at the same time.

Create a little definition

It might sound simple, but assigning specific tasks and clarifying staff roles can erase a lot of dead time and make sure that targets are met. Winter is a good reminder of how important it is to make sure every member of the team knows exactly what they’re responsible for, as it’s a time of year when lots of people are away on festive breaks. Making a commitment to ensure all accounts are covered by colleagues while we are away will give productivity a much-needed boost.

The importance of a set routine

As social media plays an increasingly large role in business, it shines a light on the importance of implementing a routine. Even the strongest LinkedIn or Facebook profiles add little value if they’re not regularly updated. Timetabling a regular slot to focus on adding skills and testimonials to LinkedIn or photographs to Instagram is a great way to boost business.

Designating a set time to this type of routine maintenance should also speed up the process, creating additional space in your day for more bespoke tasks. Don’t confine these set routines to social media – consider reaching out to clients at regular intervals via email or on the phone to check their satisfaction levels. That way you can head off small issues before they become big problems. Something that initially seems to take up time in the short term could end up saving it in the long term.

It’s always wise to incentivise

The key to creating extra time in your day is to make your staff more productive and some days we all need a little extra incentive. Make sure all your staff know how much you value them and make them feel connected to your business. Once you’ve made sure everybody feels appreciated, why not get their competitive juices flowing? Internal competitions, and more importantly prizes, can be an effective way to get your team firing on all cylinders.

Out in the open

The best way to make your team feel invested in your business is to stay approachable. Maintain an open door policy so that every staff member, from top to bottom, feels that they could come to you with a concern. You should also consider complete transparency. Set targets and goals, then allow everyone access to them. This openness should allow staff members to be inspired by one another’s successes and get a sense of what they’re working towards. Transparency tends to go hand in hand with incentivising.

Make your technology work for you

In a compliance heavy industry like property, it’s easy to get bogged down in tiny details. Harnessing a software system like Letflo to keep up to date with ever-changing legislation will free up hours to dedicate to other areas of the business. Allowing your staff to delegate the responsibility of manually tracking the most microscopic changes Letflo, safe in the knowledge that nothing will slip through the net, should boost their morale too which should lead to increased productivity!

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